Working with Health Professionals to grow as leaders and provide excellent care.

There is an increasing body of evidence on the impact of good leadership on performance in health care organisations. There is a strong connection between good leadership and quality improvement which leads to a good organisational climate which is likely to produce sustainable, high performing organisations especially with regard quality and safety improvement and patient care and experience.

360 Feedback is an appraisal tool that has been developed specifically for Health Professionals. It has been working with nurses at all levels of leadership since 2007. It was devised on the understanding and the importance of interpersonal behaviour as well as clinical competence in providing both excellent patient care and working well as a team. One of the questionnaires has been adapted to align with the Nursing Council New Zealand Competencies for Registered Nurses. It can therefore be used as a tool when carrying out the annual appraisal process or for general growth and development of the nursing workforce. However, questionnaires can be tailor made to incorporate your organisational competencies. 360 Feedback is one of the best ways of enhancing self awareness and understanding the impact you have on others. This in turn assists with the Challenge, Support and Deliver Results cycle.


How CQC 360 Feedback can help

The 360 Feedback itself needs to be part of a wider development focus, not just an appraisal tick box. Both the right questionnaire and well structured feedback facilitation are critical to getting real development, behavioural change and service improvement as a result of 360 Feedback.

Our 360 Feedback programmes are managed by Maxine Wilkins. Having worked in leadership and management within Healthcare for over 20 years, she has gained extensive experience in Mentoring, Coaching, Clinical Supervision and Facilitation.

She has developed a sound understanding of strategic policy and reforms, employment law and developed excellent facilitation skills. Having worked as a Quality Improvement Facilitator/Advisor she has also gained significant experience working with groups to bring about local and organisational change in areas of quality improvement, change management, risk management and project management.

Maxine currently holds an Annual Practising Certificate, is a member of the New Zealand Nursing Organisation and has regular coaching. As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), she adheres to the Code of Ethics. She is also a member of the New Zealand Organisation for Quality.

Maxine’s passion is supporting healthcare professionals to reach their potential and achieve excellence as leaders and provide quality care. Coaching provides a holistic supportive environment to focus on the future.


• BSc (Hons) Community Specialist Practitioner - Public Health

• Dip HE - Registered Nurse

• PG Quality Management Paper

• Certificate in Quality Assurance

• Certificate in Coaching, Supervision and Mentoring

• Certificate in Teaching and Assessing

CQC can support your 360 programme to meet your needs through:

• Administering the 360 Feedback system

• 360 Feedback

• Coaching for Excellence

• Individual Professional Support Framework

• Action Learning Groups

• Leadership support

• Quality Consulting

Contact Maxine to discuss your specific needs